Rapid Hot Air Technology

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Now time to leave conventional bonding method, go for the rapid hot air technology !!

Feed Rate 20 m/mh (1)*- 25 m/mh (2)*
Workpiace Thickness 8 - 25 mm
Operating Pressure 2 - 4 bar
Connected Pressure 6 bar
Air Consumption 650 NI/mh. (1)* - 910 NI/mh. (2)*
Min. Workpiece Gap 600 mm

*Workpiece thickness 19 mm, workpiece length 1,000 mm,
operating pressure 2 bar (1) and 3 bar (2)



"We Serve What
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"Perfect appearance for your Customer Satisfaction with absolutely Affordable Technology"

  • With the Rapid Hot Air Technology Umaboy developed the perfect solution for invisible joint technique for woodworking industries.
  • Rapid hot air technology makes edge banding easier.
  • Rapid hot air technology is a very hopeful and will allow any manufacturer to supply top quality furniture to their customers.
  • Most Economic technology in comparison of other wood working machines in India.
  • Easy to maintain and reliable
Comparison Rapid Hot Air Technology Diod Laser
Power used Equal Equal
Maintainance costs & complexity Very Low High
Device Cost Low High
Compatibility with EVA-PUR -
Quality (Look, water & steam resistance) Equal Equal
(Not influenced by edge colour)
Feed speed over 30 mt./min