Panel Saw UPS 3200A

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  • Ø 300x30mm, Ø 120x20mm

    Ø 300x30mm, Ø 120x20mm

  • 45° Tilt

    45° Tilt

  • 3000/4000/6000 RPM

    3000/4000/6000 RPM

  • 4.0/0.75 kw

    4.0/0.75 kw

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Salient Features
  • Burr free cutting & right angle cutting.
  • Smart and heavy duty structure.
  • Can tilt 45° for degree cutting.
  • Burr free cutting & right angle cutting.
  • Burr free cutting & right angle cutting.
Model UPS 3200A
Dimension of sliding table 3200 x 375 mm
Gross cut capacity 3200 mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence 1220 mm
Saw blade diameter 300 m (250-300)
Height of cut 75 mm
Speed of main saw spindle 4000/6000 rpm
Spindle diameter 30 mm
Tilting saw blade 0-45°
Main motor 5.5kw
Scoring saw blade diameter 120 mm
Speed of scoring saw blade 8000r/min
Scoring spindle diameter 20 mm
Scoring motor 0.75kw
Overall dimensions 3250 x 3250 x 900 mm
Rip fence movement Manual
45° Tilt Manual
Cross Cut Fence Read Out -
PLC Touch Screen -
Cutter Up Down Movement Manual



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Saw Unit
Saw Unit
  • High precision cutting.
  • Main saw RPM 4000/6000
  • Noise less standardized motor
  • Easy up-down of main saw and scoring saw
  • Left & right movement of scoring saw
Scoring Unit
Scoring Unit
  • With high RPM : 8000
  • Scoring unit helps to cut a laminate or any type of wood beneath.
  • Burr free cutting.
  • The scoring saw blades rotate in the opposite direction to the main saw
The Rip Fence
The Rip Fence
  • For easy operation, smooth running with precise measurement cutting.
  • In A+ model auto rip fence with PLC controller
  • In 3200A model rip fence operating with manually cutting capacity 1220mm.
Angle Fence
Angle Fence
  • Accurate angle adjustments, efficient operation and calibration are all made possible by the precise angle meter.
  • Helping to cut any type of angle.
Sliding Table
Sliding Table
  • Extremely smooth running and multi chamber system with linear steel bar bearing for high life.
Cross Cut Fence
Cross Cut Fence
  • Equipped with locking stopper for fixing measurement
  • 79" alluminium single stroke fence.
  • Equipped with enhance glass for better visibility on measurement.
Pneumatic Clamp (Optional)
Pneumatic Clamp (Optional)
  • The fence can be attached to the sliding table without the use of tools.
  • The end stop provides you with the exact 90° position.
  • The large crosscut fence stops are constructed in such a way that a small tongue on the stop fits perfectly into a groove on the fence.

Note: Technical specifications may be changed without any prior notice. Product images are just for the reference.